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Roof Lights

Frameless flat roof rooflights

Framed flat rooflights

Walk on glass and rooflights

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Frameless rooflights

EASY TO FIT, with great flexibility. frameless rooflghts are cost effective and offer a seamless viewing appearance



Aluminium framed rooflights

High specification rooflights, glass encapulated in a solid framework. 


Walk on rooflights

Toughened Laminated walk on glass made to measure


Bespoke rooflights

Bespoke rooflights designed and manufactured to create more light and space


Frameless Rooflights

Frameless glazed unit designed to rest directly into an upstand without the need of an aluminium frame whereby the upstand holds the unit into place. Unit can be double or triple glazed, with self cleaning glass and energy efficient to a great U value. The final look provides an all glass look and feel.

Aluminium Framed Rooflights

High-quality aluminum frame thermally broken to ensure a higher performance rooflight. A high specification that is customizable to accommodate for self cleaning, tints and laminated options. Frames can be powder coated to any colour and provides a slick appearance to any roof. We manufacture our rooflights with the highest workmanship. Large sizes can also be catered exceeding 3m in single sections.

Walk on Rooflights

Elegant walk on glazed and unglazed units. Made to be directly walked on, we utilise a triple laminated unit enclosed in an aluminium frame designed to last. Complimented with antislip coatings and is completely customizable including bespoke sandblast etched rooflights.

Bespoke Rooflights

Where a fixed rooflight doesn’t do the job, we can design a rooflight system for awkward angles and shapes. Architectural glass provides a seamless skylight experience, without the large frameworks typically seen. Intricately designed to maintain a balance between form and function.

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