Point Fixed Balustrade

Glass standoff fixtures are a great component for a frameless balustrade they are small sized and cost effective. This is truly a ultimate frameless option with all glass and clean lines for seamless views. Perfect for indoor or outdoor use on Juliet Balconies and staircases.

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Stainless steel fixtures bolt through holes pre drilled on toughened or toughened laminated glass with the front head allowing for tightening and securing the glass in place.

  • 304 & 316 Grade Stainless Steel finish
  • Solid threaded body
  • 52mm diameter flat head
  • Rubber Gaskets
  • M10 removeable thread
  • 10mm spacer as standard (20-50mm available upon request)

Glass Options

10mm clear toughened glass
10mm low iron crystal clear toughened glass
10mm grey tinted toughened glass
10mm bronze tinted toughened glass
10mm satin frosted toughened glass
10mm sandblasted (sandblasted designs also available) 12mm Clear Toughened
12mm Low Iron Toughened
12mm Sandblasted Toughened
15mm Clear Toughened
15mm Low Iron Toughened
15mm Sandblasted Toughened
17.5mm Clear Toughened Laminated
17.5mm Low Iron Toughened Laminated
17.5mm Sandblasted Toughened Laminated
17.5mm Diffused White interlayer Toughened Laminated
21.5mm Clear Toughened Laminated
21.5mm Low Iron Toughened Laminated
21.5mm Satin (Frosted) Toughened Laminated
21.5mm Sandblasted Toughened Laminated
21.5mm Grey Toughened Laminated
21.5mm Bronze Toughened Laminated
21.5mm Diffused White interlayer Toughened Laminated

Point Fixed Balustrade Spec

Point fixture images