Glass Cladding & Walls

Add the range of beauty of glass onto walls and surfaces, a unique finish with the elegance of glass

Glass wall cladding is becoming an increasing trend in interiors and exteriors. Glass wall cladding has numerous benefits a key benefit being its gloss clean finish. The uses of glass wall cladding are endless, key areas where they are used are facades, walls, shops, restaurants, buildings and night clubs.

The variety off glass types and finishes has also increased, from mirrors, coloured glass to digitally printed glass, each providing a unique finish to the overall look and feel of the area. The hygenic and easy to clean surface makes it ideal for indoors and outdoors.


Mirrors are a stunning way to open up space a generally provide a contemporary feel. Choose from regular silver or add a tint such as bronze or grey mirror. Antique mirrors are also a popular way to add a decorative touch rather than regular mirrors. Go truly bespoke and add sandblasting or printing effects onto the mirrors to create something truly unique.

Coloured Glass

Digitall Printed

Unique Finishes

All our glass conforms to current building regulations BSEN 12150, up to 4-6 times stronger that regular glass. 

10+Years experience

We have over a decade manufacturing and installing glass balustrades. Our expertise is our confidence in providing a beautiful end product.

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